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Our Story

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Paul’s father bought Higher Hopworthy Farm in 1960 for just £4050! and for many years had a dairy herd of 30 British Friesian Cows. The cows were milked in two buildings called shippons, one of which is part of The Roundhouse. The other shippon is still in use for cattle housing during the winter.

The milking herd was sold in the late 1970’s and replaced with beef cattle and a flock of sheep. Paul joined his father on the farm after leaving school and has now run it for many years. The farm when first purchased was 78 acres, and has now been expanded over the years to 180 acres. It is now primarily run as a beef fattening farm, with lambs purchased in the autumn and fattened on grass over the winter months.

The fishing lake was created in 1999 and contains a mixture of Rudd and small Carp (5-6lb). The lake is naturally managed with no active stocking or feeding, resulting in a more "wild" population of fish.

A real haven for nature, you may see a variety of wildlife such as Kingfishers, Moorhens, Herons and on occasion an Otter. 

Enjoy exclusive access to the lake at  Kingfishers - our new lakeside retreat


The farmhouse is a traditional cob Devon Longhouse, being only one room wide originally. 


Higher Hopworthy Cottage, which adjoins the farmhouse, would have been where the cattle were kept and fodder for winter feed was stored. 


The hexagonal building which gives The Roundhouse its name, was originally built for the horse driven mill.


The cottages have been converted from traditional stone barns over the last 20 years.

"A fantastic, quiet location and great place to unwind..."

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